Category: Frameworks

24Apr, 2018

Using The CreateJS Effectively

CreateJS is a combination of four libraries namely EaseLJS, SoundJS, TweenJS and PreloadJS. It helps in improving the interactive experience of a user either while playing games, or during the usage of websites and microsites. The four libraries either function together or separately, where each library has its own sets of specifications. To know more […]

06Mar, 2018

Getting To Know The AngularJS

Angular JS is a popular open source web application based on JavaScript and maintained by the technological Giant Google. The main aim of this JavaScript framework was to encounter the various challenges faced while developing single page applications, which rewrites the current page while interacting with the user instead of loading it from the server. […]

10Feb, 2018

Working With ReactJS

ReactJS is a library exclusively for Javascript, which is used for the creation and building of user interfaces. It is highly simplistic and can be learnt in a few days’ time. Top social media giants, Facebook and Instagram, have got their websites from ReactJS, which makes it the ideal choice for others too as all […]

15Jan, 2018

Coco: A New Open-Source Blockchain Framework

Microsoft recently released its new Coco framework, which will act as a foundation for several blockchain networks. It sure was a bold move by the organization, as this kind of an evolution of the blockchain network wasn’t seen before.  What Is The Block Chain Technology? Blockchain is nothing but a transformational technology, which can extend […]