Using The CreateJS Effectively

24Apr, 2018

CreateJS is a combination of four libraries namely EaseLJS, SoundJS, TweenJS and PreloadJS. It helps in improving the interactive experience of a user either while playing games, or during the usage of websites and microsites.

The four libraries either function together or separately, where each library has its own sets of specifications.

To know more about the various JavaScript frameworks, check out this comprehensive article. Here’s a few tips and ideas on how to use the createJS effectively.

Let’s discuss the ideas library wise.


This library consists of high-quality two dimensional graphics which are supported with a display list and a dynamic application programme interface, which makes this library one of the most important of the lot. EaseLJS provides comprehensive and straight-forward solutions, which will help the user improve their website.

To use EaseLJS, you first need to create a Stage which will wrap the entire CANVAS element and also add the DISPLAYOBJECT, which is the object that you want to be displayed. This library supports vector graphics, animated bitmaps, bitmap images and other instances of text.


This library provides a powerful interface which will enhance the communication process between the website and the end user.

This library supports the call() argument using a scope. It works in all browsers and is highly efficient. It also includes synced tweens, motion paths, non-numeric and mulit-step tweens.


This library manages the playback used on the web and functions primarily via plug-ins.

The public API present on the Sound class needs to be used, for installation, registration, and creation of sounds on web.


Content can be preloaded using this library by both HTML and XHR tags. It supports all major browsers and consists primarily of plugins. One thing that you need to keep in mind, to ensure the effective usage of CreateJS is that you have to install the plugins way before the items are added to the queuem inorder to continue the process without any hindrance. Or else the items won’t be processed and the entire process will halt for a given time.

With appropriate coding and usage of plugins, you definitely won’t find any fault in your CreateJS and ultimately you would be able to use it as effectively as possible.

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