Programming Languages That Will Rule 2018

15Jan, 2019

Development is an area of work where constant upgrade is a necessity.

Changing market demands as well as global involvement have seen a plethora of programming languages being developed some of which completely throw ne learners off guard. In this regard, you may find new programmers trying to figure out which programming languages they should learn for future purposes.

If you are wondering about the programming languages that will rule 2018 then you are in the right place. This list has been based on the latest trends in programming which has helped us identify the most promising, powerful and interesting coding technologies that will not only grow but evolve in 2018.

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Frequently used for the designing of web applications, parallel batch processing, data analysis with Spark, and data streaming with Akka among many other functions, Scala is among the programming languages that will rule 2018. This coding technology is among the best general-purpose programming languages that not only supports imperative programming approach but also functional programming.

Scala’s data-handling capacity, scalability, object-oriented nature as well as real-time processing has earned it a favorite spot among developers and the IT market at large. This programming language can perfectly synchronize with Haskell and Java since it also runs well on JVM.


If you are looking to go into embedded system or hardware coding then C is your best choice. This coding technology can find major applications in system programming, networking, computer, evaluating mathematical equations, games, Open source Application and optimization techniques among others.

The enthusiasm for learning this programming language is constantly reaching a new high since C is the mother of all coding technologies. The main reason being that C still promises a decent salary and is considered to be the first step to learning most things programming.


If you are looking to learn a programming language with less effort and a high earning then swift is for you. It is also efficient for coding iOS applications and continues to have a good market demand.

This coding technology is not only useful for the development of web applications but also mobile applications. Apple frequently uses Swift to design iOS and OS X applications as well as the designing of apple stores. This programming language is easier to read, understand and top of that it has memory management making it a demand in the future.


Seeing how data has become the fuel of the 21st century, R has in turn become the language of choice of data science. This coding technology is currently facing high demands, an indication that its future is going to be brighter.

R is an open-source statistical coding technology that is free. For this reason, it is mostly used by data miners and statisticians.

In addition, R’s source code is written in both FORTRAN and C plus it has a high capacity for solving complex problems making it more admirable.

The list of programming languages that will rule 2018 is endless, here are some of the other worthy mentions:

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java Script
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Go
  • Ruby

Programmers need to always be on the lookout emerging trends in programming languages because the world of technology is changing fast.

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