HTML5 Widgets You Can Get For Free

30Mar, 2018

Widgets are nothing but elements of interaction that are present in a graphical user interface, also called GUI. Widgets are extremely important, without which a user cannot connect or communicate to the computer. Widgets are visible components of the graphical user interface, which are aesthetically placed in a website, in order to make the entire design seem like one.  Buttons, checkboxes, labels are all different kinds of widgets which are used on a website.

Users are given the freedom to arrange their widgets according to their preference, which will help them navigate and communicate with ease.

These widgets are also known as the basic building blocks of an application, which are visually appealing and easy to identify.

HTML 5 was released in the year 2014, which is widely known for its simple yet complex use of language and tools. Both HTML5 widgets and HTML5 killers are widely popular and are extremely easy to understand and use. Here is list of few HTML widgets that you can get for free.

JW Chat

It is a chat script which uses HTML and JavaScript, functioning exactly like an IM client.

It is an Ajax-powered chat script and works well without much hassle.

HTML5 Web Components For IMDB Movie Data

With the help of this hosted widget, you can display the day of your favourite movie directly from the IMDb website. The widget comes in three different sizes, and one can choose the one which would suit their design and template. The additional bonus? It’s absolutely free.


This is an HTML5 RTE (Rich- Text-Editor) Toolbar, which provides unique and completely out of the box editing features and tools.

The widget is extremely easy to customize and extend along with providing top-class editing features and tools.

An edit mode and a view mode is supported by the widget, which can be changed according to the user’s preference. Another important factor is that it is absolutely free and easy to download.

HTML 5 Metro Tiles

This is a mixture of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 layout, which is used on websites, web applications, portals, etc. This widget is one of a kind and comes with stunning three dimensional animations which will sure make your website look more appealing and extravagant. These tiles can be placed anywhere on the website and holds anything and everything from texts to images to animations to even forms and markups.


Again one of the most popular widgets of all time, which is used to plot pie charts on a website.

Users can even custom events on this widget and use it at their convenience.


From creating dynamic maps to several annotations such as polygons, popups and others. You can do it all using the leaflet widget, which is one of the most used widget of all time. The widget also supports zooming and panning of the map, which makes it look really dynamic and visually appealing.

Data Tables

This widget shows the data frames as HTML tables which are highly interactive. From sorting to filtering to pagination, your HTML table can do it all.

The look of your website is what really matters and by adding these dynamic and effective widgets, you not only improve the overall look of the website, but also the navigation process along with the communication between the website and the user, which is now really dynamic.

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