Javascript Frameworks That May Rule 2017

20Dec, 2017

JavaScript is regarded as one of the best in recent times and has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. It is considered to be one of the best programming languages with explicit features and applications, which makes work much easier and at the same time more effective. Software developers would sure be familiar with the term,” JavaScript framework”, which is nothing but an application framework, meaning it encompasses a software framework, which helps in the implementation of the standard structure of the application structure. This framework is widely used by software developers to selectively change already existing code with user-written ones that are more specific and exclusive for a particular application. A wide range of frameworks are available and to check the latest ones, check this article out.

These frameworks are easier to use and have become a coder’s best friend, who find it absolutely convenient and simple to use. Most of the JavaScript framework uses the model-view-controller paradigm, which divides a particular application into three parts that are all inter-connected to each other.

As already mentioned, JavaScript frameworks are indeed useful and to help you choose the best one, here’s a list of the JavaScript frameworks that may rule 2017.

1. Angular JS 2.0

Angular JS is one of the most prominent of all JavaScript frameworks, which is administered and maintained by Google. It was initially released on the 20th of October 2010 by Google and was written in the JavaScript language, which is a multi-paradigm, high level language. It is one of the major technologies of the WWW content production along with HTML and CSS. Angular JS is known for its incredible performance level which includes uncomplicated code integrations, a swift development pace and others, which makes it the top choice for all developers.

The Angular JS 2.0 is a step ahead than the previous version and consists of a single framework for both mobile and desktop versions, which makes the process simpler and at the same time more dynamic. It therefore helps the company to cater to a larger number of audience, which ultimately increases its reach. It has also integrated System,js, which loads several modules such as  Common, ES6 and others all at the same time.

  2. React JS

React JS is a popular JavaScript library, which is responsible for the transformation and magical user interface of both Facebook and Instagram, which is two largest social media platforms. Its user interface and functionality is all one of a kind, which makes this framework a true winner. It is known to be one of the easiest frameworks to master along with being total low maintenance and super light amongst the rest.

It makes the process of creating interactive user interfaces much effective and simpler along with providing appropriate declarative views, which will make the code more predictable and easier to debug and find errors.


This framework is the most readable of them and can be learnt in a day’s time. It is simple, clear and functions with a virtual DOM and a 20KB runtime, which makes its process so smooth and hassle-free.

A progressive framework, this should indeed be tried by everyone, who would love to create simple yet websites all in a day’s time.

4. JQuery Mobile

This framework is highly expandable with the integration of top third- party applications and technologies, which makes it highly dynamic and super-efficient. It is easy to learn, develop and debug and makes the entire process of website creation simpler and uncomplicated. It is highly preferred for mobile applications, which is now the go to trend in today’s time.

Every company has a interactive mobile web application, and if you need one too, then do check out this framework, called JQuery Mobile.

Be it for any framework, keen understanding and learning is extremely important and will determine the ultimate quality of your website. Thus, make sure you select a framework, with which you are highly comfortable and would require less time to get the hang of it.

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